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The history of HECKER®

Arthur Hecker
Traude Hecker
Heinrich Hübner
Rainer Hübner-Hecker

In 1904 in Dresden, the founder of our company, Arthur Hecker, began with the manufacture of stuffing box packings. He then expanded the company in 1912 and began processing asbestos yarns and fabrics with the slogan: From the asbestos mines, through the HECKER factories, direct into your factory.

In the course of the increasing technical tendency in all areas of the economy, compressed asbestos fiber sheets gradually grew in importance. The patenting of the Europil universal sheet helped them attain worldwide renown. Beginning in 1936, the production of rubber sealings marked the start of a new era: supplying the hydraulics industry. Under the slogan: GSM, the living seal, HECKER GSM sealings attained a leading position in the high and low pressure range up to the year 1945.

HECKER® was the first manufacturer in Germany to produce O-rings (also called zero rings).

Following the destruction of the factories in Dresden, Heidenau and Bodenbach, re-construction was commenced in Weil im Schönbuch. As in the founding days, the manufacture of asbestos products was first begun; the first Europil sheets were delivered to the chemical industry in the late autumn of 1949. Following this, GSM production was resumed.

In the year 1988, the continuous museum of HECKER® was opened. It was completely reconstructed in 1999.

The exhibition shows the evolution of the company from the year 1904 in Dresden to the present day and publicizes the visitor with the history of the family HECKER® as well as with the products in asbestos and the new substitutes. The entire current product spectrum of packings, mechanical seals, plastic and rubber parts and sealing sheets is represented descriptively.

Beside a part of German-German history, the visitor receives an impression of the history of the raw material asbestos and his processing as well as the development and extraction of the nature-rubber until the synthetic rubber-types used today.

A movie about the history of HECKER® is shown in the exhibition.

If you want to take a look at this wonderful exhibition, please contact us to make an appointment.

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