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Produits: Marquage laser

Smallest share sizes, increasing quality - and expenses- consciousness and increasing requests at the product-labeling have induced us to supplement our production with a labeling-laser.

In the comparison to conventional engraving -, shape -, caustic - or printing process the laser-labeling bribes through unequaled flexibility with topmost processing-quality and .

With the laser, it is possible to label materials of almost all type without any treatment before or after this prosess.

The laser-ray works touch-free and is suitable for the labeling of each workpiece-forms, even at badly accessible positions, therefore. This type of the labeling is extremely abrasionproof and extremely permanent. Blanks, half-finished - and finished products from different materials can be labeled high-gradely and quickly in all variations. By the simple programmableness of the laser, also barcodes and logos can be applied besides serial numbers and texts.

Maximum labeling-field 120x120 mm with an available desktop B 700 x T 350 mm -writing-size and fonts within the labeling-field variable -labeling on even surface or perimeter -axial labeling available on pieces up to a maximum diameter 200 mm

If you would like to use the advantages of this labeling-type too, do not hesitate to contact us.

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